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Out of the lecture hall, into the company

It’s time: You have your degree in your pocket. Now you want to get off to a good start in your career. A fulfilling job with attractive remuneration and great additional benefits, in which you assume responsibility for the future right from the start.

Direct entry in Vaillant Group

With an introductory plan tailored to your needs, you assume responsibility right from the start. We provide you with the appropriate qualifications for your professional development. In product training courses and brand training sessions, we will educate you further so that you can identify yourself with the company better and understand the background more clearly.

Your benefits with us

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Take advantage of the substantial benefits we offer our employees. Here are a few examples

Sports offers

Promoting Health and Fitness amongst our employees is important to us. That's why we offer discounts on gym memberships as part of our wellbeing program.

Bistro and kiosk

In our central bistro, there are various hot meals for lunch and dinner. The kiosk offers snacks, sandwiches, fruit and drinks. At locations without an in-house bistro, restaurants, cafés or snack bars are usually easily accessible.

Personnel sales outlet

When purchasing our products and spare parts for personal use, our employees receive discounts. This also benefits partners of employees, their parents and children.

Health management

We invest a lot of time and energy into the health of our employees. We offer health checks for employees as well as being able to receive flu vaccination vouchers and eye test vouchers. These are just a few of the offers at Vaillant Group.

Christmas activities

At Christmas, each of our employees receives a delicatessen package - each year according to a different theme. Of course, the departments organise their own Christmas parties to their liking.

Part-time work models

Part-time work models are a good solution. Some of our employees share a full-time job and work on projects together, while others work on their tasks with fewer hours. Employees who study alongside their work can also coordinate work and study.

Company pension scheme

We offer our employees the opportunity to take out a company pension scheme. To ensure that every employee can put together the best personal pension package, each one is advised in detail by one of our external experts.

Company cars

Company cars are provided depending on position and function. Employees who travel frequently, for example, receive a company car, as well as managers above of a certain management level.

Management training

A value-based leadership culture is the foundation of our management development program. Our professionals are trained in soft and social skills, preparing them for the next stage of their career if needed.

Professional development

Thousands of employees make Vaillant Group successful. To keep it that way, we offer tailor-made further education programs. They activate previously untapped potential and abilities in our employees, Vaillant Group remains the Best in Class.

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