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Did you approach your studies with masses of curiosity and commitment? If so, we’re looking for graduates just like you.

Your degree has come to an end and you’ve cleared out your room in your shared flat. It’s high time to leave the lean years behind and really get started. Confidence in your own abilities and a healthy helping of self-criticism make an excellent foundation for embarking on a graduate role in the Vaillant Group. Thanks to a specially tailored training plan, you will assume responsibility from the very outset. With a view to advancing your professional development, we take a look at your skills once a year using our myAcademy programme and provide further coaching in the form of product training and brand training. myChoice also allows you to customise your own training and work through it in your free time.

Represent the Vaillant Group as a trainee

In order to make sure that you are a good fit with our different areas of work and requirements, we offer trainee marketing and monitoring programmes. For two years, you cycle through different postings as part of our internal development and accompanying programme. Training events help you to develop your subject-specific knowledge and soft skills. You can use events to network with members of staff from other departments and you will also act as an ambassador for the company, for instance by appearing as a guest speaker at universities. As a placement abroad is a fixed part of the trainee programme, we offer countless opportunities for networking at our sites around the world. Of course, even as a direct entrant you can broaden your horizons and travel abroad for different projects.

What you receive from us in return

Granted, we are asking a lot. But you also get a lot back. In addition to an attractive salary, the opportunity to work in intercultural teams and a great atmosphere, there is the potential for excellent career prospects. Our objective is to fill the majority of our management posts from our own ranks. Around half of our managers joined us as graduates.

If you’d like to be part of our international family-run company, then send in your application. Help us to drive the energy transition.


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Targeted training of our management staff

Our management programme myWay is based on a value-oriented leadership culture. Our managers receive training in soft skills and people skills to prepare them for the next rung of the career ladder.

Part-time working models

Part-time models can be a good solution, particularly for our employees who have small children. Some of our employees share one full-time job and work on projects together, while others complete their own tasks but work fewer hours. Employees studying alongside their job can adjust their working day accordingly.

Company cars

Company cars are provided, depending on the employees’ position and role. Employees who have to travel a lot, such as salespeople and key account managers, are given a company car, as are managers from a certain grade onwards.

Reductions on our products

Our employees can purchase our products and replacement parts for their own use at a reduced rate. Their partners, parents and children also benefit from this reduction.

Company pension plan

We offer our employees the opportunity to take out a company pension plan. To ensure that all employees are able to put together the most appropriate pension package, they receive in-depth advice from one of our experts.

Christmas at Vaillant Group

At Christmas, each one of our ca 13,000 employees receives a hamper – with a different theme every year. And, of course, the different departments organise their own Christmas parties.

Challenging and supporting our employees

For us, it is important that our employees work on varied projects, participate actively and have space to develop their own ideas. After all, motivated staff achieve the best results.

A responsible, independent work approach

At the Vaillant Group, we take individual responsibility for our work as a matter of course. From day one, our employees are welcomed into a team, given responsibility and expected to make their own decisions in their respective area.

Personalised induction and support

All new employees are allocated their own contact within the company, who provides practical and emotional support at the beginning. In addition, we have an induction scheme, a brand training programme and additional training courses – tailored individually to our new employees’ needs – to help them settle in.

Regular feedback sessions

We place great value on communication and sharing ideas. Alongside the in-depth annual appraisals, all of our departments regularly hold feedback sessions between the team members – including those at management level.

Continuing professional development

ca 13,000 employees are responsible for Vaillant Group’s success. To ensure that this remains the case, we offer tailor-made training courses. They tap into our employees’ hidden potential and skills, and help Vaillant remain the best in its class.

Annual appraisal

How am I doing? Where do I see myself in the future? At the annual appraisal, we discuss the previous year and set out projects and challenges for the coming twelve months.

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Careers in the Vaillant Group

You want to change the world? Start with the climate!

Taking care of a better climate – inside each home and the world around it. That’s our vision. We pursue it with the energy of our many thousands of employees.