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My door is always open

I wouldn’t be keen on a company where everyone thinks only of themselves. If I’m ever stuck on something, I tend to ask a colleague rather than brooding over it myself. This helps me to organise my thoughts, and after a brief discussion I see things much more clearly. My door is always open for others to talk to me, too.

A little while ago, a new member of staff asked me how long I had been with the Vaillant Group. I even managed to surprise myself when I replied that I had just celebrated my ten-year anniversary there. But why would I want to go elsewhere? I have everything that I want here: a good team, exciting projects and great prospects.

What are my hopes for the future? A little more quiet!

Many homeowners opt for heat pumps because they are efficient, environmentally friendly and almost never have to be serviced. At the moment, I am concentrating on making our heat pump so quiet that a baby could sleep right next to it completely undisturbed.

To that end, I am taking the requirements of 33 different countries into account and coordinating them together with the 30-person development team behind me. Being at the interface of different regulations is not always easy, but I like the communication aspect to my work, the contact with other countries and the knowledge that we are all working towards a common goal.

Having a job and a family: only possible with flexible working hours

When I became a father, I was very grateful for parental leave, the ability to work from home and flexible working hours. This was especially helpful with our firstborn – and it was useful the second time round too – because since joining, my family has grown to four. My elder daughter loves our company party, which always includes attractions for children. The first thing that she said the morning after our first time there was, “Daddy, are you going back to the puppet theatre today?”

The puppet theatre isn’t a priority, but I would like to start doing a sport again. My last yoga class was really good for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to go back since my second daughter was born. The programme for Vaillant sports classes is stuck on the door of my fridge and I’m still trying to choose between Yoga 2 and Wing Chun.

Careers in the Vaillant Group

You want to change the world? Start with the climate!

Taking care of a better climate – inside each home and the world around it. That’s our vision. We pursue it with the energy of our many thousands of employees.